Introducing the Ultimaker S3 hero

Introducing the Ultimaker S3

The newest addition to our S-line of 3D printers

It's often said: "Bigger is better".

Turns out – with the new Ultimaker S3 – that's just not the case!

Inside an efficiently small footprint suitable for any desk, the Ultimaker S3 delivers composite-ready dual extrusion that you can rely on. And we've packed it full of our latest, market-leading technology, making it is as easy-to-use as it is powerful.

The result? The Ultimaker S3 offers the most cost-effective way for disruptive businesses to adopt in-house 3D printing – and it's available today.

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Reliability. It runs in the family

To be worthy of the S-line name, the Ultimaker S3 had a lot to live up to.

Its big brother, the Ultimaker S5, might only be 18 months old. But already it’s won multiple awards and become a daily driver for thousands of engineers and designers around the world. Creating functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, and end-use parts – if global brands need a turn-key 3D printing experience with almost unlimited material choice, they've chosen the Ultimaker S5.

But what if your company isn’t a world-famous brand with an R&D budget to match? What if your workplace only has space for smaller 3D printers? Or what if this is the first time you've considered in-house 3D printing, and you need a robust machine that's easy to use?

Then the Ultimaker S3 is for you.

We've taken many of the best features from the Ultimaker S5 and combined them into a smaller, more affordable device. The Ultimaker S3 delivers the same high-quality, composite-ready dual extrusion, with the same market-leading reliability and ease of use – just with a smaller build volume (230 x 190 x 200 mm or 9.1 x 7.4 x 7.9 inches).

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Ultimaker S3 offers a powerful 3D printing experience in an impressively small footprint
Packed with our latest technology, Ultimaker S3 delivers massive performance in an impressively small footprint

3D printing performance you can rely on

From the ground up, every detail of the Ultimaker S3 has been designed and built to deliver the S-line print quality you would expect. Inside the Ultimaker S3, you'll find:

  • Reinforced feeder wheels made from coated, hardened steel. These enable abrasion-resistant 3D printing for high-strength parts using glass or carbon fiber composites (when paired with Ultimaker print core CC Red)

  • Dual filament flow sensors that increase your print success rate. If you run out of filament, they pause your print and notify you to add a new spool

  • Advanced active leveling that ensures easy and reliable first-layer adhesion. Begin a print job and get on with your work, thanks to precise build area probing and Z-height build plate compensation at the start of every print job

  • High-accuracy stepper drivers taken directly from the Ultimaker S5. These high-precision drivers are quieter than the Ultimaker 3 and run more reliably

Beyond that, the Ultimaker S3 has been further optimized for its form factor. These small features work together to improve the 3D printing experience:

  • Rigid printer frame reduces small vibrations (or ringing) while printing to improve overall print quality

  • Single glass door with a magnetic latch provides a more controlled build environment to reduce the risk of warping or delamination

  • Optimized internal design allowing both dual extrusion nozzles to reach the whole build area, while maintaining a high build-volume-to-size ratio

  • Internal power supply removes the need to make space for a power brick. It also makes the setup process easy across all S-line 3D printers

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Seamless integration with your workflow

We've made every aspect of working with the Ultimaker S3 quick and easy.

A seamless hand-off between software and hardware delivers an end-to-end solution that accelerates your in-house production workflow.

For example, instead of the cost and hassle of outsourcing, you can buy an Ultimaker S3 and perform these steps:

  1. Export your finished CAD model with one click to Ultimaker Cura thanks to downloadable plugins

  2. Select your Ultimaker S3 printer and desired material (including from the Ultimaker Marketplace of tested, predefined material settings by leading brands)

  3. Confirm your model's scale, orientation, position on the build plate

  4. Slice the model into layers and prepare it for 3D printing

  5. Send the file to the Ultimaker S3 via Ultimaker Cloud, LAN, Wi-fi, or USB drive and start printing

If one 3D printer won’t meet your production demands, you can easily scale and optimize your in-house setup with Ultimaker Connect. This free printer management software will then assign a central queue of print jobs to Ultimaker 3D printers when they become available.

Predefined print settings for the market's widest range of materials

You might not realize. But the biggest timesaver in this 5-step workflow is something not even mentioned: predefined print settings.

With some machines, successful 3D printing relies on trial and error. (Change a wall thickness here, adjust the infill density there...hope for the best.)

But with the Ultimaker S3, that approach takes a backseat.

Instead, you have more flexibility to choose from the widest range of 3D printing materials on the market. Ultimaker Cura then automatically loads tested and optimized print settings for the best results.

Predefined print profiles in Ultimaker Cura make it easier and quick to get high-quality results using the Ultimaker S3
Predefined print profiles in Ultimaker Cura save you time when achieving high-quality results using the Ultimaker S3

Compatible with the full Ultimaker material portfolio, and with every material on the Ultimaker Marketplace, the Ultimaker S3 takes the hassle out of turning your ideas into physical parts with the aesthetic and mechanical properties you need.

That's good news for busy designers and engineers, who can spend more time focusing on more important tasks and projects.

Award-winning control at your fingertips

Making that workflow even easier, the Ultimaker S3 also features the same 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touchscreen as the Ultimaker S5. This intuitive UI won a 2019 iF Design Award for its usability.

Displaying step-by-step setup, navigation, and maintenance, it reduces the learning curve and makes adoption faster. In fact, customers have told us that they feel confident to start printing their own designs after only a 30-minute introduction. So there's no need to spend money on a dedicated operator.

Ultimaker S3 makes it cost-effect to adopt in-house 3D printing
The Ultimaker S3 has a low annual cost of ownership making it easy for SMEs to achieve ROI and disrupt their markets

Conclusion: Professional performance for any budget

We've done the math. And with its low annual cost of ownership, the Ultimaker S3 offers an affordable entry to professional 3D printing, making ROI easy and fast to achieve.

This means that entrepreneurs and SMEs can now get more bang for their buck than ever before. And those who want to drive innovation using additive manufacturing now have a lower barrier to entry – without needing to compromise on performance.

We can’t wait to hear of the businesses that disrupted their market with innovative products – because they started 3D printing with the Ultimaker S3.

Disruptive 3D printing starts here

The Ultimaker S3 is available today. Click to learn more or to get a no-obligation quote:

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