Ultimaker Cloud

Introducing Ultimaker Cloud – the next generation 3D printing workflow

Today at TCT Asia in Shanghai, Ultimaker announced two new enhancements to the 3D printing workflow – a cloud platform offering new features for Ultimaker 3D printer and software users, as well as Ultimaker Cura print profiles for filaments from three more major materials companies.

Ultimaker Cloud

A future-ready platform designed for the professional 3D printing workflow, Ultimaker Cloud will be available from March 19, 2019 together with the latest version of the world’s most widely used print preparation software, Ultimaker Cura 4.0.

The first features of Ultimaker Cloud to be launched will be:

  • Backups: Keep your Ultimaker Cura settings in the cloud and conveniently retrieve them for use anywhere, on any computer

  • Marketplace: Get exclusive access to print profiles configured by material experts from leading brands, choose the ideal material for your application, and instantly get optimized settings in Ultimaker Cura for the best results

  • Marketplace ratings: Share your opinions and experiences with plugins in the Marketplace

  • Remote printing: Send print jobs to network-enabled Ultimaker printers from anywhere and stay informed of print progress

Ultimaker Cloud is designed to meet the needs of today’s engineering and design professionals, simplifying the 3D printing workflow and providing seamless integration with a wide variety of industry-standard software applications and materials.

Jos Burger, Ultimaker CEO, commented that, “Ultimaker Cloud is a crucial next step in our journey to speed up the world’s transition to local digital manufacturing. I have no doubt that our enabling platform, formed with our global network of software and material partners, makes Ultimaker the preferred solution in the desktop space.”

Essentium, eSUN, and Polymaker print profiles

As well as future software features, Ultimaker users can also benefit from new print profiles for advanced third-party materials, available to download in Ultimaker Cura.

The profiles for Essentium, eSUN, and Polymaker filaments further expands the choice of materials and applications for FFF 3D printing in a wide variety of industries.

Essentium offer an Ultimaker print profile for their Ultrafuse Z PCTG material. Specifically formulated to be ESD safe, Ultrafuse Z PCTG is non-marring, safe for clean rooms, and the perfect starting point for electronic jigs and fixtures.

eSUN, who specialize in the industrialization of biodegradable polymers, will make profiles available for three materials:

  • PETG combines the advantages of both PLA and ABS, offering high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility

  • ePA-CF is an environmentally friendly industrial filament with high strength and high rigidity

  • HIPS (high-impact polystyrene) can be used as both build material and support material

Polymaker print profiles can be downloaded via Ultimaker Cura for:

  • PolyMide™ PA6-CF is PA6 (Nylon 6) material reinforced with carbon fibers that increase stiffness and toughness while also increasing the heat deflection temperature

  • PolyMide™ CoPA is a co-polymer nylon material optimized for large scale nylon printing without the need for a heated chamber

  • PolyCast™ designed specifically for a clean burn out in investment metal casting as it completely vaporizes at >600 °C leaving an ash residue of 0.003%

Simpler workflow, more applications

Together, the advanced tools of Ultimaker Cloud and an always-growing range of specialized print profiles in Ultimaker Cura simplify the professional 3D printing workflow while increasing choice.

More details about Ultimaker Cloud will be announced when it launches on March 19, 2019.

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