PRO Webinar

Material Face-Off: The Battle of Support Materials

Shawn Miely
Director Segment Marketing

What are 3D printing supports? What’s the best support material option for my project? How fast (or slow) do dissolvable supports dissolve?

Choosing the right materials and their support can be overwhelming but is key to 3D printing parts that will have the desired technical properties, complex geometries, and aesthetic qualities you look for and we are here to help. In this episode of our PRO Webcast Series, we’ll compare the properties and applications of some of the most sought-after materials and the best support pairing.

Which material pairing will be victorious? Only one way to find out

Primary Topics Covered:

During this live material showdown, we will cover:
    • *What are 3D printing supports?
    • *Types of supports and when you should use them
    • *How to set up supports in MakerBot CloudPrint™
    • *Support material compatibility
PLUS a live demo testing one file printed in four different model & support material combinations:
  • *Tough + PVA Supports
  • *ABS + SR-30 Supports
  • *ABS-R + RapidRinse™ Supports
  • *PLA with breakaway PLA Supports