Metal 3D printed custom hammer

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David Durbin

May 25, 2023

Making specialized tools shine with post-processing

This application concept was designed by application engineers at Ultimaker to showcase one of the many possible ways that metal FFF technology can improve existing processes.

Our team used their experience working alongside partners in a wide range of different industries to identify a valuable use case that leverages the unique advantages of metal printing on Ultimaker printers.


3D printed parts have a specific look and feel that distinguishes them from parts that were created using traditional manufacturing methods.

Layer lines and other visual defects can cause users to incorrectly dismiss them as lower quality or less reliable.

No more layer lines. Metal 3D prints can be post-processed using the same techniques like wet sanding and polishing


Post-processing techniques can be used to make plastic 3D printed parts indistinguishable from parts that were made using other techniques like injection molding. This is also true of metal parts made using MFFF technology.

This 21-ounce framing hammer is a concept application that was printed on the Ultimaker S5. The head is printed in BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4PH stainless steel while the handle is printed in Ultrafuse® PET CF.

After sintering, the metal was sanded to flatten and round the base of the head. Prior to assembly of each component, the metal head was was wet polished and sprayed red to reproduce the touch and feel of tradition tools.



Print time Weight Cost
1 day 8 hours 34 minutes 594 g $168.29

This application is proof that tools produced using MFFF can be made to look and feel indistinguishable from traditionally manufactured parts.

Simple and easy to achieve finishing techniques like wet polishing, sand blasting, or grinding, which are often also used on non 3D printed parts, can also be used to great effect for MFFF parts.

Is metal 3D printing the tool you need?

This hammer showcases the many ways metal 3D printing can achieve breakthrough results in the production of functional stainless steel tools.

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