Metal 3D printed cutter tool

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David Durbin

May 24, 2023

Keeping it cool with internal fluid channels

This application concept was designed by Steve Cox from AMFORi to showcase one of the many possible ways that metal FFF technology can improve existing processes.

Steve used his experience working alongside partners in a wide range of different industries to identify a valuable use case that leverages the unique advantages of metal printing on UltiMaker printers.


When milling metal using a cutter tool, the cutting head needs to be durable and heat-resistant. Custom tool heads can be costly and a variety of different heads are often needed to machine a single part.

MFFF Cutter-Tool-Ultimaker-3d-printing-1
The concept model is a face milling cutter head with internal cutting fluid channels for milling metal parts


This concept face milling cutter head is a perfect example of an application with requirements that only metal FFF printing can meet.

Not only is it made from durable and heat-resistant stainless steel, but it's also been designed with internal fluid channels that can be used to keep the head cool during operation.

Even after printing, it's possible to machine the central hole of the head so that it can be mounted on any size of bore, giving it increased flexibility. And also to harden the steel by heating the head to 500°C and quench it in oil, making it a truly functional prototype.

MFFF Cutter-Tool-Ultimaker-3d-printing-2
After 3D printing in stainless steel, the central hole can be machine to fit on any size of bore for increased flexibility


Print time Weight Cost
13 hours 536 minutes 361 g $53.60

Using 3D printed cutter heads would allow you to print any number of cutter head design variations with custom coolant passages to optimize flow, heat transfer, fluid deposition speed, and chip clearing.

The result would be an extreme level of flexibility and adaptability.

Bring cutting-edge MFFF technology in house

This part showcases the many ways metal 3D printing can achieve breakthrough results in the production of functional stainless steel prototypes.

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