Metal 3D printed pump impeller

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David Durbin

May 24, 2023

Rapid prototyping made more affordable with MFFF

This application concept was designed by application engineers at Ultimaker to showcase one of the many possible ways that metal FFF technology can improve existing processes.

Our team used their experience working alongside partners in a wide range of different industries to identify a valuable use case that leverages the unique advantages of metal printing on Ultimaker printers.


Metal impeller pumps need to be durable, and depending on their intended function, may necessitate complex and hard-to-machine designs.

Creating multiple design iterations using traditional manufacturing techniques can be costly and time-consuming.

MFFF Pump-Impeller-(Ultimaker) 1
This pump impeller part would have required 5-axis CNC programming and significant material waste if produced by traditional subtractive manufacturing


This rapid prototype of a centrifugal pump was produced using the BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4PH material and metal FFF technology.

Because the design needs to cater to a range of outlet requirements (power, pressure, outflow rate, temperature, etc.) the blades can end up being difficult to manufacture using other techniques. Creating this part with traditional subtractive manufacturing, for example, would have required a 5-axis CNC machine and would have resulted in significant material waste.

MFFF Pump-Impeller-(Ultimaker) 2
This is one of the earlier functional prototype design iterationsof a centrifugal pump produced in MFFF using 17-4PH


Print time Weight Cost
11 hours 300 g $72

Using MFFF technology for prototyping parts like this allows for faster and cheaper iterations which subsequently makes it possible to test more iterations, resulting in a better final part.

Metal 3D printing made accessible

This part showcases the many ways metal 3D printing can achieve breakthrough results in the production of functional stainless steel prototypes.

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