Optimizing your Ultimaker Cura workflow

Free masterclass | Viewing time: 60 minutes

Get ready for a high-value session that will level-up your slicing skills and allow you to draw on more of the power of Ultimaker Cura.

3D printing expert, Matt Griffin, will be joined by Ultimaker Cura developer, Kostas Karma, and Ultimaker application engineer, Terri-Ann dela Cruz, as they share expert insights and walkthrough their workflows.

What will I learn?

Key takeaways and demonstrations will include:

  • How to optimize print profile settings and whether to “keep” or “discard” changes

  • When is the right time to export your drawing from CAD? (Based on Ultimaker Cura’s surprising power as 3D control software)

  • Best practices for iterative print preparation and every lesson you should learn from each print

  • The right way to use per-object settings and when they are most useful

  • Easy-to-use resources for anyone who wants to develop their own printer definitions, plugins, or print profiles

  • And a whole lot more tips and tricks!

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