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Busting the Top 6 Myths of “Professional” (desktop) 3D Printers

PRO Segment Director
Shawn Miely

There’s no doubt that desktop 3D printers are being used more than ever before in professional environments whether for prototyping or manufacturing. While desktop 3D printers have brought an unparalleled level of accessibility, there are many myths about the capabilities of some of these new “professional” 3D printers. Here are the top 6 myths we’ve found in the industry that you should be aware of before you go ahead and purchase a new 3D printer.

Primary Topics Covered:

  • Top 6 myths :
    • -All desktop 3D printers can print in the same materials
    • -Heated build plates provide temperature control and enable ABS printing
    • -Resolution/surface finish is the best measure of part quality
    • -Auto-leveling on dual extrusion desktop 3D printers takes the manual work out of calibration
    • -Larger printers can print large prints just as well as they print smaller prints
    • -You don’t need to print with supports because you can just use bridging and steep overhangs