PRO Webinar

3D Printed Parts Challenge

METHOD Benchmark Print Series

Speaker, Felipe Castaneda

Creative Director & Industrial Designer | MakerBot
Felipe Castaneda

Join MakerBot Industrial Designer Felipe Castaneda and Lead Project Engineer Michael Pappas as they present the capabilities of METHOD through a series of challenging 3D printed parts as benchmarks that highlight the precision and accuracy made possible using the world’s first Performance 3D Printer.

METHOD Benchmark Print Challenges:

Vertical Layer Uniformity - measures how accurately the next layer is printed relative to the previous layer (results in surface smoothness).
Printed Part Dimensional Accuracy of ± 0.2mm - measures how close the finished printed features match the dimensions of the same features in CAD.
Tight Cylindricity Tolerance - measurement of the precise “roundness” of a circular feature.
Unrestricted Geometric Freedom - challenges capabilities of PVA material to achieve true freedom from part orientation and support material constraints.
Complex Overhangs without Scarring - demonstrates uncompromised surface quality and tight tolerances regardless of part complexity.

About MakerBot METHOD

METHOD is the world’s first performance 3D printer designed for professionals. It bridges the gap between industrial and desktop 3D printing with the fastest CAD to part workflow.

About the METHOD Benchmark Print Series

The METHOD Benchmark Print Series is a collection of benchmark test prints created by professional industrial designers and mechanical engineers. They were used extensively throughout the METHOD quality testing process to ensure optimal dimensional accuracy and precision in finished METHOD printed parts.