PRO Webinar

ABS RAPIDRINSE DEMO | How to 3D Print ABS Parts with Tap-Water Soluble Supports

Creative Director
Felipe Castaneda

ABS is one of the most popular manufacturing polymers in the world, but desktop 3D printing with ABS has always been challenging. Warped and failed prints, expensive wash tanks and chemicals for dissolving support material have all been limiting factors. Now you can print and post-process ABS parts as easily, and consistently as PLA with the New MakerBot RapidRinse™ Fast-Dissolving Support Material.

Watch this demo and experience firsthand the new ABS-R and RapidRinse and learn how to bring on-demand ABS parts into your workflow.

Primary Topics Covered:

  • What you will learn:
    • *Printing with ABS-R + RapidRinse on METHOD X
    • *The dissolving process
    • *Q&A