PRO Webinar

How To Achieve Real Printed Part Dimensional Accuracy in 3D Printing


Mechanical Engineering Manager
Eric MacNeil

PRO Segment Marketing Manager
Shawn Miely

In 3D printing the goal is to finish with a part that matches the dimensions of the CAD file as closely as possible. That might seem pretty obvious, but it can actually be quite challenging to actually achieve. 

In this episode of MakerBot PRO Webcast Series we’ll discuss the definition of dimensional accuracy, some tips on how to achieve it with desktop 3D printers, and how pro users now have more options to get real dimensional accuracy through professional 3D printers than ever before.

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Primary Topics Covered:

How quality is defined for 3D printed parts
The factors that affect dimensional accuracy on a 3D print
How to maximize dimensional accuracy when 3D printing
How MakerBot METHOD controls for dimensional accuracy