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PRO Webcast Series | 3D Printing Material Showdown Pt. 4 - Kevlar vs. Carbon Fiber vs. ABS

Speaker, Felipe Castaneda

Creative Director
Felipe Castaneda

Welcome to PART FOUR of our 3D Printing Materials Showdown! With METHOD’s modular 6 extruder platform professionals can print in a wide range of engineering materials including from third-parties. In this episode we’ll bring back three of our most popular materials ABS, Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar along with Nylon and PC. This time we’ll also add in a Flexural Strength test in addition to Tensile Strength!


Primary Topics Covered:

  • Included in the showdown will be five popular materials and four modular extruders of the METHOD platform:
  • - Kimya ABS Kevlar - MakerBot LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder
  • - Polymax PC - MakerBot LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder
  • - MakerBot Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber - MakerBot Composite Extruder
  • - MakerBot ABS - MakerBot Model 1XA Extruder
  • - MakerBot Nylon - MakerBot Model 1A Extruder