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What Can you actually do with 3D printed nylon carbon Fiber?

Ryan Singler

PRO Segment Marketing Manager
Shawn Miely

Sales Enablement Manager
Ryan Singler

Carbon Fiber is already one of the most sought after materials for performance products - especially in industries like professional sporting goods and competitive auto racing circuits. With the new availability of Carbon Fiber composites in FDM 3D printing, users can access the material like never before bringing this exciting material into even more industries. But how does 3D printed carbon fiber compare with a carbon fiber layup? What can you actually do with 3D printed carbon fiber? Can it really replace metal?

Join us as we cut through the noise and address many of the most common questions about working with 3D printed carbon fiber.

Primary Topics Covered:

Carbon Fiber Overview
3D printed vs. Layups
Carbon fiber vs metal