PRO Webinar

Prototyping and 3D Printing with Fusion 360° + METHOD

Sr. Technical Specialist
Jason Lichtman

Join Jason Lichtman, Sr. Technical Specialist at Fusion 360 for an intermediate surface modeling demo and learn skills using real-life customer examples and how easy it is to  prototype designs for 3D printing using Fusion 360° and METHOD X.

Primary Topics Covered:

Welcome to the Pro Mind Melding Series, a video-podcast serial bringing people in the additive manufacturing industry together through conversation. This series of conversations will keep you in-the-know of the truly game-changing technology that is additive manufacturing.

  • What you will learn:
    • - Fusion 360°  new surface modeling tools
    • - Surface Modeling in action [examples for FXR Racing]
    • - Prototyping methods
    • - Cloudprint