Static IPs, an upgraded OS, and more with Ultimaker firmware 6.1

NOTE: Ultimaker firmware update 6.2 is now available. Here are the full release notes.

Ultimaker’s firmware update 6.1 is now available for all S-line 3D printers. With it, you’ll experience improved printer functionalities, network and security improvements, and release channels focused on your business needs. These updates will together enable you to print more confidently than ever, assured that you’re getting the job done safely and securely – whenever and wherever you are.

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Network and security improvements

The following network and security-related updates and upgrades are included in Ultimaker firmware 6.1.

Upgraded operating system

S-line 3D printers have upgraded from the Linux Debian Jessie distribution to the Linux Debian Buster distribution, bringing with it security improvements, as well as patches to known vulnerabilities. This new OS is a giant step forward, and we are very excited to introduce it. We believe it elevates our existing firmware, offering a future-proof, even more secure environment in which to print.

Due to the upgrade in OS, it is important to note that from firmware version 6.0 onward, it is no longer possible to downgrade to 5.8 – or any previous firmware version.


A network firewall increases your 3D printer's security by allowing only cloud traffic from Ultimaker Digital Factory, and blocking uncontrolled access via the local network. Ultimaker Essentials administrators can control this firewall functionality via Ultimaker Digital Factory. Users can enable or disable the firewall via the printer menu.


When using the firewall, the printer will only be available to print via the Ultimaker Digital Factory and USB, and can’t be accessed via IP address in a browser.

USB network setup – plus static IP addresses

Network settings (Wi-Fi and Ethernet) can now be set up via a USB stick by using an ultimaker_network.config file. And yes, that means what you think it means: you can now configure static IP addresses and Wi-Fi credentials. You asked, we heard you! Using this feature, organizations can enhance the IT or network control of their 3D printers.

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Improved UI for materials

The “Choose Material Type” menus have been updated to allow for a better workflow for materials. Previously, users could only choose from material types. The update allows them to choose materials by brand, type, and color – just like in Ultimaker Cura. This applies to Ultimaker materials, Marketplace materials, and other third-party materials users have created in Ultimaker Cura.


‘Latest’ and ‘Stable’ release channels

Note: Firmware 6.2 is now available. Check the end of this section for updates related to "Latest" and "Stable" channels.

With firmware 6.1, we are introducing two firmware release channels: “Latest” and “Stable.” These channels enable you to choose how often you want to update your 3D printer’s firmware.

So what’s the difference between “Latest” and “Stable” releases?

‘Latest’ releases

“Latest” firmware releases will offer new firmware updates when they become available, ensuring that you always benefit from the latest features. These will be released approximately two times per quarter.

‘Stable’ releases

“Stable” releases are meant for organizations for which business stability and continuity are most important – and for which too many firmware updates can potentially cause workflow disruptions. Stable releases will only contain features previously released in the latest firmware versions, which have been used by a wide audience. Stable firmware will be released approximately four times per year – in addition to hotfixes for issues requiring immediate attention.

Firmware 6.1 will be released to both the “Stable” and “Latest” channels. Beginning with Ultimaker firmware 6.2, however, you'll be able to select your preferred channel from the printer's menu. All Ultimaker S-line printers running firmware 6.1 will be notified of the update and have the option to upgrade – as well as subscribe to their preferred channel.

Note: Firmware 6.2 is available now. With it, the user can now select whether they would like to receive firmware prompts from the "Stable" or "Latest" channel. If using the latest channel, the user will be prompted to update every time there is a new firmware update, giving them access to the latest features as and when they are available. By using the stable channel, the user will be prompted to update roughly three times a year. All features will have been thoroughly tested for at least three months before being released to the "Stable" channel.

Ultimaker is committed to continuously improving your productivity. With every firmware update, we strive to give you the best 3D printing experience possible. Want the full rundown? Check out the release notes for Ultimaker firmware 6.1.

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