Talking Additive season 3: Looking back and ahead

We’ve reached the halfway point of the third season of our 3D printing podcast, Talking Additive. Already, this season’s episodes have covered a broad range of topics, including introduction to our new CEO and a deep dive into additive manufacturing and STEAM. This week’s Ultimaker blog will take a look at Talking Additive season 3 so far – as well as at the excitement it has in store for the coming weeks.

The episodes so far

Meet Ultimaker’s new CEO, Jürgen von Hollen

Host Matt Griffin and Ultimaker CEO Jürgen von Hollen sit down for an introductory session that covers Jürgen’s previous roles in industry and emerging tech, the core philosophy that shapes his leadership and management style, and what it was like for him to join the Ultimaker team in the middle of a pandemic. They also discuss his vision for the company’s future.

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Optimizing Ultimaker Cura slicing for function

Matt Griffin sits with Doug Kenik, VP of Product at Teton Simulation, to speak about the company and its flagship product, SmartSlice for Cura, which embeds into existing slicer programs, assigning slicing parameters that make it possible to highly optimize printing time without sacrificing functional requirements. They also discuss Doug’s professional background and the FFF industry as a whole.

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Embedding STEAM across the curriculum with a 3D makerspace

Matt Griffin is joined by educator Caroline Keep, director of Spark Penketh at Penketh High School, in Liverpool, the UK, to discuss the country’s first in-school 3D printing makerspace. The two discuss how the makerspace prepares student in year 7 to 10 for the future, by teaching them basic skills in emergent technologies, such as 3D printing and CAD. 

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Ultimaker CEO Jürgen von Hollen
Ultimaker CEO, Jürgen von Hollen, joined Matt for the first episode of the season
Caroline Keep
Caroline Keep talked about the role of 3D printing in post-COVID education in episode 23. Image credit: TES

3D printing software at work in manufacturing

In this episode, Matt Griffin speaks with representatives from three companies that provide software solutions for 3D printing in manufacturing: Omer Blaier, co-founder and CEO of CASTOR; Florian de Boeck, co-founder of Spentys; and Duann Scott is VP of Partnerships at engineering design software company nTopology. They discuss their respective software solution, its place in the FFF 3D printing industry, and how it fits into the Ultimaker ecosystem.

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Ultimaker turns 10: A look back

This episode marks the beginning of a podcast miniseries celebrating Ultimaker’s 10th anniversary. Matt Griffin and Ultimaker co-founder Siert Wijnia look back at Ultimaker’s foundation, and several stories of its early transformation. Together, they explore 2010-2016, traveling through the evolution of the business from the Protobox and Ultimaker Original, to the major leaps forward with the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 3.

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Education in the Post-COVID era

Episode 26 looks at how 3D printing is transforming the way students collaborate, discover, create, and learn as they return to the classroom after the global pandemic. Matt Griffin speaks to guests working in university, school, and museum environments.

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The next episodes

The latter half of Talking Additive’s third season will take a somewhat different approach. All remaining episodes will fall under the umbrella of two broader topics: Ultimaker’s 10th anniversary and the future of work. Curious as to what these episodes might entail? Here’s a quick teaser for each.

New developments in functional prototyping and agile manufacturing

A look at how 3D printing is changing the game for the functional prototype by enabling engineers to design, iterate, and create prototypes that streamline manufacturing workflows for maximum return on investment.

Carpet floor/concrete floor: How our workplaces are changing

A look at the evolution of the modern workplace – and how 3D printing enables a seamless blend of the “carpet and concrete floor” working environments.

The story of Ultimaker Cura

How Ultimaker’s popular slicing software, Ultimaker Cura, came to be – and a look at what it will become.

We are Ultimaker

How Ultimaker stays at the top of its game – by employing passionate people who love 3D printing technology.

Talking Additive 3D printing podcast host Matt Griffin
Podcast host Matt Griffin in the Talking Additive studio

We’re very excited for the future of Talking Additive – both this season and those to follow. We couldn’t be prouder of the content we’ve so far produced – or of the 3D printing industry as a whole – and hope you’ll continue with us on our journey to celebrate, promote, and discover more about FFF technology.

“With Season Three we find Talking Additive both reflecting on the past decade of professional desktop 3D printing with the Ultimaker 10th Anniversary mini-series and forward to new trends and developments such as the larger role for 3d printing software, the widening AM ecosystem, and the future of 3d printing within education and workplaces,” Talking Additive host and producer Matt Griffin says.

"We couldn’t be prouder of the conversations presented so far — and the consistent evidence they share of new routes for 3D printing to bring values to businesses. We hope you’ll continue with us on our journey to celebrate, promote, and discover more about FFF technology in this season and those to follow!”

Where can you listen?

The Talking Additive podcast is available for free. You can listen or subscribe via your preferred podcast app, or on the Talking Additive website, where you’ll find a comprehensive overview of past episodes.

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