The Additive Chef: Big parts and speed tweaks

The Additive Chef: Big parts and speed tweaks

Free webinar | Viewing time: 27 minutes

This month, The Additive Chef returns for its third episode and this time it’s a big one!

For any first-time watchers, the series features a rotating selection of expert guests who join host and co-creator, Bart van As to discuss a specialty topic by presenting a selection of 3D printing “recipes” for you to try.

August’s episode sees Ultimaker hardware engineer Jiri Konvicny join Bart van As to enlighten viewers on the possibilities –⁠ and pit falls –⁠ of printing large parts.

During this free session, Bart and Jiri will:

  • Discuss how printing bigger can be better

  • Give recommendations for which materials to use and which to avoid when printing large parts

  • Offer tips on how to maximise your available build volume

  • Show you how to improve the speed and reliability of large prints

  • And more!

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