PRO Webinar

The PRO Workshop Tour & Virtual Lab Series - Racing for Speed (and Performance): Additive Manufacturing and Motorsports

Presented by MakerBot + Fusion 360°

In the race for speed and performance, additive manufacturing is crucial. From prototyping to creating lightweight components and producing complex engineering solutions, the motorsport industry has adopted additive manufacturing to not only to accelerate product development but also to produce tough enough parts to be used on the track.

Part 1

Get an exclusive intimate look inside Spire Motorsports' headquarters through a virtual tour of their workshop.  Hear how they leverage additive manufacturing to improve performance giving them competitive edge and get an exclusive sneak peek of their racing car!


Part 2

Hands-on lab with Jason Lichtman, Sr. Technical Specialist at Fusion 360°. Learn how to repair, edit, and reverse engineer mesh files easily! 


What you will learn about

  • - Workshop tour of NASCAR Cup Series Team, Spire Motorsports
  • - Hear how they are using 3D printing to boost performance and innovation
  • - Designing for additive manufacturing in automotive. Learn to repair, edit and reverse engineer mesh files in Fusion 360 with Jason Lichtman