Top 5 tips for ramping up 3D printing

Once you’ve decided to implement 3D printing within your workflow, you’ll need to know how to use the technology as productively as possible. The following tips will enable you to make the most of your 3D printer as quickly as possible. 

Choose the right 3D printer

Choosing the right 3D printer is an obvious first step into the technology. Factors such as your application, the size of your working environment, and the size of the prints you intend to produce should all be taken into consideration before buying a 3D printer. Using the right 3D printer means you will be able to create what you need, when you need it, as fast as possible.

The right 3D printer will allow you to do what you need, when and where you need it

Desktop FFF 3D printers like Ultimaker are an ideal choice for rapidly producing parts, as they can be quickly set up and used straight out of the box. There’s no need to wait for additional tooling, set up post-processing stations, or reconfigure your workspace – all you need is an electrical outlet and some desk space.

Want to learn more about choosing the right 3D printer? Check out our white paper covering the subject.

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Know your costs

Understanding how much 3D printing will both cost and save your organization is fundamental to ramping up the technology. Your return on investment (ROI) and payback period will influence the way you first use 3D printing – the technology’s scalability means you can easily start small and build up your capabilities. Ultimaker’s ROI calculator is an excellent tool for developing your understanding on the complete financial aspect of 3D printing. You can also read our white paper, “The ROI of 3D printing.”

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Set up an Ultimaker Digital Factory workspace

Ultimaker Digital Factory is a cloud-based printer management solution that allows you to remotely monitor and manage Ultimaker 3D printers and teams. By setting up an Ultimaker Digital Factory workspace, you’ll enjoy features such as improved print queues, remote firmware updates, an improved printer connection workflow.

The Ultimaker Digital Factory enables you to easily manage groups of Ultimaker 3D printers

Using Ultimaker Digital Factory, you’ll also be able to easily manage multiple printers, with a print queue that enables almost continuous production, meaning your next print job starts as soon as the print before it is removed. Ultimaker Digital Factory also allows you to easily reprint previous jobs. Together these features can increase production throughput and help high-volume producers ramp up.

Sign up in just three steps – once you have, you’re ready to start utilizing your 3D printing workflow efficiently and effectively.

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Onboard with the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy

When you register an Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5, or Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle 3D printer, you will have access to onboarding tutorial courses from the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. These courses will dive into the ins and outs of your specific printer, enabling you to unlock its full potential.

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy brings in-depth knowledge of 3D printing to you any time, anywhere

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy also currently offers courses for IT admins deploying 3D printers – with lots more to come later this year, including learning tracks for application engineers and 3D printer operators. These courses will ensure that everyone, in every area of your organization, understands and is able to use 3D printing technology at a suitable level.

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Sign up for Ultimaker Essentials

With an Ultimaker Essentials subscription, you’ll gain access to platforms and features including Ultimaker Cura Enterprise, Ultimaker Digital Factory (with extra features), Ultimaker Marketplace, Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy and direct technical support.

One subscription can cover your entire organization, and will empower your designers and engineers with powerful software to create the best 3D prints. Want to see for yourself? Try it free with early access. A full launch is planned for later this year.

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Want to learn more about ramping up 3D printing within our organization? Visit the Ultimaker blog, where you can read articles detailing how to best configure your Ultimaker S5 Material Station, tips for securing the highest success rates with Ultimaker Cura, and information on a variety of 3D printing materials.

Ready to get started? Download our checklist on ramping up 3D printing, so you’ll always have the information you need.

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