Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ source files available

Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ source files available

The Ultimaker brand is deeply rooted in our open source community. Born in a FabLab out of the original RepRap ideals, we’ve always stayed true to our open, innovative spirit. And today, we’re celebrating it yet again!

The tradition at Ultimaker is that several months after releasing a new printer we also release the blueprints for that machine. By sharing this knowledge we will all ultimately have better products. On GitHub we already have repositories with the source for the Ultimaker 22 Extended and 2 GoUltimaker Originaland Original+, and the Heated Bed Upgrade add-on. Today we're adding to this fountain of knowledge by adding the source files of the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+.

Ultimaker repo on github

When we introduced the Ultimaker 2+ and 2 Extended+ it once again proved how important our community is to us. Based on the help and feedback provided by them we were guided in making the improvements that strengthened the Ultimaker 2 family. The concept of swappable nozzles for an Ultimaker 2, for example, was first introduced as the community-developed Olsson Block add-on. Such community-led improvements would have been much harder to develop if we had not freely given access to the Ultimaker 2 source files.

Now that the Ultimaker 2+ and 2 Extended+ source files are available we can't wait to see what amazing innovations will result. We're all just getting started!

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