Firmware 4.1 and Cura Connect

Ultimaker Firmware 4.1 released

Our new firmware release adds new functionality, features, and printing performance to your Ultimaker 3 and Cura Connect. It also includes new profiles for our new range of print cores and support materials, and fixes that will enhance your 3D printing experience.

What’s new in Firmware 4.1?

0.25 mm AA print core profile added. This new print core profile works with the new 0.25 mm AA print core, which can be used to print finer lines for high-definition prints.

Breakaway profile added. Breakaway material profile added to the printer materials menu. This new profile includes optimized settings used for Breakaway support material, a dry post-processing material, which can be quickly and easily removed from prints for a faster production workflow.

Extruder 2 nozzle temperature correction. Precision of print core temperature control has been improved to fix an issue with Extruder 2 having a slightly lower temperature than Extruder 1.

Print time display. The print time display clock has been changed to make it consistent with time specification in Ultimaker Cura and Cura Connect.

Print quality improved. Buffer underruns could cause print defects in some previous firmware versions. This was visible in parts with many short line segments and/or high speeds with prints made on the Ultimaker 3.

Cura Connect

New language support. Added support for the following languages: Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese.

Host icon. A new tool-tip has been added to notify the not available state of a printer on the print jobs page.

UUID listing. UUID numbers have been added to the printer and print job in the web UI to help with automated testing.

Navigation bar freeze. For larger screens (770px wide or greater) the navigation bar will freeze to the top of the page when a user scrolls down. When the printer details pane is opened on the Printers page, the page is scrolled up to ensure that the pane is in view.

Better tooltips. Tooltip text has been revised to read more fluently.

Bug fixes

Time synchronisation. A new endpoint on the printer side allows remote authenticated services to update the system time on the printer to fix an issue of year inaccuracies, improving the accuracy of time for maintenance events and internal logs.

Critical failure, stop activities. When a critical failure occurs, all activities will be stopped, including parking the print head.

Marlin buffer underrun. Fixed an issue that prevents the Marlin planner buffer filled at all times, to improve the quality of Ultimaker 3 prints.

Upgrade today for a better experience

Instructions to upgrade your firmware on your Ultimaker 3 can be found here.

We are always on the lookout to enhance the performance of our hardware, and we want to know your reactions. Join the discussion and let us know what you think.

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