Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker S5: A round-up of reviews

The Ultimaker S5 launched last year with plenty of feedback from leading media in the 3D printing industry. Now that the verdicts are in, we took a look at how reviewers have been finding the latest addition to our range of desktop 3D printers.

Focusing on professional users, the Ultimaker S5 makes 3D printing as hassle-free as possible. The guided setup is simple, saving you time during setup so you can focus on what matters – getting on with your work knowing your print is working well. It also contains features like a filament flow sensor and touch display, all to help users get the best out of their printers. How does it measure up when put through its paces?

Elegant design

The first impressions were very positive, with many reviewers commenting on the overall look and feel. Tyler Koslow at All3DP praised its user-friendliness, which makes it stand out from competitors, as well as the product design.

“All in all, the design provides a clean and minimalistic look to the Ultimaker S5. It looks like hardware that belongs in the professional office setting and should be proudly displayed for all visitors to see,” said Tyler.

Ultimaker S5 print head

Bigger build volume

The number one feature that most reviewers mentioned was the larger build volume. The team at All3DP called the machine “sizable and sleek” after first opening up their Ultimaker S5 box.

Whether you need to make bigger models or simply scale up the number of prints you can fit on a build plate, the volume is something many reviewers found to be a key differentiator, helping position it as a printer for those looking to take their printing to the next step, or simply meet growing business needs.

Richard Baguley over at Tom's Guide gave it a 4 out of 5 and pointed out that although it takes up more desk space than previous Ultimaker printers, this gives a notable total of 1,442 cubic inches of build volume.

And Tony Hoffman found that the 3D printer earned PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, highlighting the Ultimaker S5 offers "a distinct improvement over the Ultimaker 3, due to its ability to print large objects and the addition of control conveniences like a touch screen".

Ultimaker S5 Reviews build plate

Ease of use

Franc Coenen from 3D Print magazine was impressed with the active bed leveling, pointing out that although this feature was included in the Ultimaker 3, it had been improved upon, which ensures higher print success rate and uptime for users.

A number of publications mentioned the new 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display, with Tyler saying it made the printer “unbelievably easy to start” and that it allowed “even the most novice user to seamlessly swipe through and adjust various settings”.

He also highlighted the swappable print cores and how it added to the Ultimaker S5’s versatility. This is further strengthened by our latest product launch, the print core CC Red 0.6, which has been designed to work with composite materials, and give designers and engineers freedom in terms of material needs.

Ultimaker print core

Printing with precision

A key feature that came up again and again was the print quality that the Ultimaker S5 produced during the testing phase. Most reviewers were impressed by the smooth surface quality and the printer’s handling of fine details. The testing team at CHIP magazine printed a number of models to test the Ultimaker S5’s capabilities and were more than satisfied with the results.

Richard at Tom’s Guide used the model of Rodin’s Thinker to put the Ultimaker S5 through its paces and found it printed “without issues, producing consistently smooth curves and details on the back, head, and hands of this complex model”.

These sentiments were also shared by Taylor using the well-known Benchy for a test print. His comment?

Printed in Ultimaker Tough PLA, our first print had an incredible surface quality, you could barely see the layering...

All in all, most reviewers found the Ultimaker S5 to be an impressive piece of equipment, and we're constantly working on developing our products even more. For those who want to do a lot of professional printing, it’s the obvious choice. From the intuitive setup to a comprehensive ecosystem of materials, hardware, and software, it offers a seamless way of incorporating 3D printing into your business.

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