Ultimaker S5 in an automotive manufacturing setting

Ultimaker S5 applications: Freeing up time for innovation

Last year, Ultimaker revealed a new desktop 3D printer, specifically for the professional environment – the Ultimaker S5. In this latest blog looking at how customers are using the Ultimaker S5, we explore how the printer’s ease-of-use helps engineers and designers make room for focusing on what matters most – innovation.

The Ultimaker S5 is a complete 3D printing solution that’s ideal for use within the professional environment, such as a workshop, office, or design studio. With simple setup and easy-to-use touch display, it’s ideal for anyone wanting a hassle-free 3D printing experience, but also those looking for a product that they can depend on to help them achieve their business goals.

Ultimaker S5 printing a model

Accessible and uncomplicated

The new Ultimaker S5 has several advanced features that save time. For example, active bed leveling helps make sure that the first layer is successful, which is essential to a perfect print. There is also a new closed front to minimize airflow, which can also affect a model's quality. In addition, a filament flow sensor automatically detects when you’ve run out of a specific material and then pauses your print until you’ve had a chance to reload.

Changing material and printer configuration is also easy, with the swappable print core design that lets you change from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores effortlessly. The latest addition to this arsenal of print cores is the new CC Red 0.6, which now gives users the opportunity to print with a variety of composite materials, giving you greater freedom in what you create.

Lastly, a new 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display streamlines the printing process with visual guides to help users set up a print and change configurations with ease and elegance. It also makes it more straightforward to run regular maintenance on your printer to ensure optimal performance.

Ultimaker S5 touchscreen display

Ease of use encouraging innovation

Incorporating 3D printing in your workflow often results in more time to explore better product design or look for alternatives that streamline your process. Highly customizable and easy to implement, 3D printing makes financial sense. Instead of outsourcing, which can cost money and take a lot of time, having printing capabilities in house helps keep overheads down.

It also frees up resources for other projects. Looking for a new way to produce a tool or aid for your manufacturing process? Simply design, print, reiterate until it fits your needs perfectly. Giving access to a 3D printer as a tool within your business gives everyone the opportunity to test their designs and discover new solutions, and that’s where great ideas come from.

“When your work is shaping the future of aerospace, innovation is key. [...] we use 3D printing not only to create extremely useful manufacturing aids and prototypes for Airbus and other customers, but also as a learning tool to prepare the workforce for tomorrow,” says Prof. Axel Herrmann, CEO of Composite Technology Center GmbH an Airbus Company. “Working with the Ultimaker S5 definitely unleashes even more creativity among our engineers.”

From smaller studios to bigger workshops, the Ultimaker S5 helps streamline your workflow, freeing businesses up to explore new and unique innovations within their industries, taking their companies and products to the next level.

Discover the Ultimaker S5
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