Learn how Audi is accelerating design and production processes with trinckle Software and UltiMaker 3D Printers

When faced with the challenge of rapidly creating nearly 200 new tools to produce the Audi E-Tron GT at the Audi Sport Böllinger Höfe facility in Heilbronn, Germany, traditional methods fell short. By Leveraging UltiMaker's expansive ecosystem and reliable hardware, as well as Trinckle's innovative software, Audi managed to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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Leveraging trinckle’s Fixturemate software, Audi Sport designed customized fixtures for assembly in a matter of minutes, compared to hours typically spent with traditional CAD software. This user-friendly software simplified the design process, allowing for precise and easy-to-produce tools, jigs and fixtures.

Audi Sport then brought these designs to life through 3D printing. Equipped with UltiMaker S series 3D printers, the Audi Sport factory now boasts a 3D printing room capable of producing the necessary tools in a single day – a feat that previously took weeks or even months through outsourcing.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the following topics:

- How Audi leveraged Additive Manufacturing to cut costs and reduce lead times
- How UltiMaker and trinckle address the challenges of the additive manufacturing workflow
- Q&A Session with Waldemar Hirsch, Head of Production Control at Audi Sport

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