Webinar recap: Unlocking distributed manufacturing

Ultimaker’s second webinar, “The 3D printing mindset: Unlocking distributed manufacturing” was broadcast on February 19. It continues our series of monthly webinars that focus on specific, deep-dive topics that we believe are important to Ultimaker users.

Where can you see it?

You can view the webinar below:

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What will you learn?

Matt Griffin, Director of Community at Ultimaker, sits down with Peter Overgaauw, Ultimaker Application Engineer, to discuss the four trends that are paving the way for distributed manufacturing. The webinar runs approximately 50 minutes and takes a look at how well-known manufacturers such as Ford are using 3D printing – and how your business can gain a competitive advantage by doing the same. The webinar concludes with a live Q&A with Paul Heiden, Ultimaker's Senior VP of Product Management. Throughout the entire event, viewers could ask questions via a chat function, receive useful assets and links, and vote in polls.

Matt Griffin, Director of Community at Ultimaker, left, and Peter Overgaauw, Ultimaker Application Engineer

The recorded broadcast will cover:

  • Real-life examples of global manufacturers using 3D printing to cut costs and lead times 

  • What questions Ultimaker Application Engineers ask when helping OEM customers find new 3D printing opportunities 

  • The digital technology that is enabling a new category of 3D printed tools 

  • The surprising – and helpful – way that 3D printing relates to baking a cake 

  • How we believe 3D printing technology will drive manufacturing efficiencies in the near future 

  • Core strategies that can applied to your business or workflow today

Paul Heiden, Ultimaker's SVP of Product Management, conducted a live Q&A

If you put a 3D printer next to a line where you need a part, you can imagine that it’s a lot faster than ordering it from elsewhere.

In the live Q&A, you'll learn about topics such as:

  • The "digital factory"

  • Cloud functionality

  • Repair and maintenance

What’s next?

The next Ultimaker webinar will be broadcast next month. To catch it live, keep an eye on Ultimaker’s social media channels in the coming weeks for a sign-up link. We look forward to seeing you there!

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