PRO Webinar

The PRO Workshop Tour & Virtual Lab Series - Look Inside a Mattel Engineer’s 3D Printing Workshop

Presented by MakerBot + Fusion 360°

The product development industry is in constant flux and the impact that 3D printing has should not be overlooked. The use of additive manufacturing offers key advantages like more creative prototyping, shorter product development cycles, easier and more cost-effective design customizations, and a faster time to market. 


Part 1

Want to learn how Mattel is using 3D printing to quickly turn creativity into reality? 

Jack Peach is an established engineer at Mattel, but you might call him an inventor. Since the start of COVID, Jack has established an extensive in-home workshop for concepting, designing, and engineering the toys that will grace the aisles of toy stores around the globe and bring joy to millions of kids. While Jack has a bevy of tools at his disposal, 3D printers have become an integral part of his process.

Watch our two-part series -The PRO Workshop Tour and Virtual Lab - where you’ll get an intimate and exclusive look inside the workshop of one of Mattel’s lead product engineers. Hear how Jack and his fellow engineers at Mattel go about designing and engineering physical products in remote-work settings and get tips for how you and your business can do the same.



Part 2

On part two be ready for an in-depth CAD lab with Jason Lichtman from Autodesk Fusion 360 where he’ll guide us through a design problem specific to the toy development industry.


What you will learn about

  • *Workshop tour of one of Mattel's lead engineers
  • *Hear about the use of 3D printing, the design thinking process, concept modeling and prototyping
  • *How you can design a toy’s PCB concurrently with the rest of the toy (E-CAD + M-CAD)
  • *Plastic injection molding simulation to analyze for expected defects
  • *Mechanism design to simulate mechanical motion