Where to find UltiMaker and our ecosystem partners at Formnext 2022

Where to find UltiMaker and our ecosystem partners at Formnext 2022

In a few short days, additive manufacturing (AM) companies and consumers from around the world will be descending on Frankfurt in droves for Europe’s biggest AM event, Formnext.

Amongst the hundreds of attending companies will be UltiMaker and several of our ecosystem partners. Read on to find out where we can be found, as well as some of the fascinating applications and solutions our partners will be exhibiting.

Where to find UltiMaker at Formnext

We are excited to partner this year with 3Dimensionals and Igo3D. You can find UltiMaker staff and UltiMaker printers at the following booths:

  • 3Dmensionals – 12.1 G121

  • Igo3D – 11.1 B41

There will also be demos of UltiMaker Cura 5 and metal FFF at the 3Dmensionals booth, daily at 12:30 PM.

In addition, there will be a 60-minute workshop on metal FFF on Wednesday between 11:30 and 12:30 PM at the Igo3D booth which will include UltiMaker’s very own Andrea Gasperini.

You can also find UltiMaker 3D printers in-use and on-display at the following ecosystem partner booths:

  • AMPC Solutions B.V - 12.1 D21

  • Ensinger – 11.1 E63

  • Igus – 12.1 D60

  • Invelon Print & Go – 12.1 G01​

  • Trinckle – 11.1 D31​

  • Siemens NX – 12.1 D119​

  • Thought3D – 11.1 A54

  • VZ Industries - 12.1 D01

UltiMaker ecosystem partner highlights

What we’re most excited about this Formnext is all of the incredible innovations that our ecosystem partners will be presenting. Here are just some of the fascinating exhibits you can look forward to:

Automated fixture design with trinckle at booth 11.1 D31

Automated fixture design with trinckle

Trinckle is an additive manufacturing software specialist based in Berlin. They aim to lower the hurdles around 3D printing by helping to automate the design process.

This year at Formnext, trinckle is focusing on improving the design workflow for 3D-printed fixtures. Fixtures are a fundamental element of various manufacturing processes. Including assembly, bonding, post-processing, transport, and quality measurement.

Trinckle’s Fixture Design is a new web-based software that enables anyone to configure 3D printed fixtures intuitively using a semi-automated approach to design. This makes the whole process faster and drastically reduces the cost per-fixture.

LEHVOSS and Thought3D are embracing circular additive manufacturing at booths 12.1 G109 and 11.1 A54

LEHVOSS Group and Drywise – a branded product of Thought3D – have joined forces with Ultimaker and Aquafil to bring to market a circular PA6 material.

Formnext 2022 backdrop

This material is manufactured from recycled and renewable sources and has been specially formulated so that it can be 100% chemically recycled after use. Closing the loop on a fully circular additive material.

This new special formulation is much more hygroscopic than other materials in the LUVOCOM 3F range. Because of this, it is no longer printable after just a couple of hours of being unpacked. Even when dried and stored in a low humidity chamber such as a drybox.

The solution to this serious limitation is the Drywise.

The Drywise is an in-line drying device that removes moisture from a material as a print is being performed. The active filament drying architecture of the Drywise is the only practical way that printing with this new circular material can be enabled. And it does so with minimal setup time or user interaction. Meaning this otherwise challenging material will be capable of producing consistent quality from the first layer to the last.

Invelon will demonstrate automatic loading and unloading of UltiMaker printers at booth 12.1 G01

Invelon at Formnext 22

Fully automated 24/7 3D printing is one of the most exciting frontiers of additive technology. And what better way to tackle this challenge, than with robots?

The combination of PRINT&GO's artificial intelligence algorithms and the innovative Cobots created by Universal Robots, make robotic additive automation a reality.

And better yet, this new level of automation it now possible with Ultimaker printers! Don’t miss the demo setup in action this Formnext!

Kimya is demonstrating the power of food-safe materials at booth 12.1 E70


Kimya is showing off how food-safe materials can be used for making functional end-use parts. Including a practical example of how they've worked with the food packaging company Lonypack to streamline food packaging using part printed on the Ultimaker S5.

Read the full success story here or stop by the Kimya booth for more info!

BASF, XERION, and Autodesk are making desktop metal FFF possible at booths 12.1 G61, 11.0 A21, and 11.0 B51

XERION at Formnext

The increased availability of metal FFF in desktop 3D printing has been one of the most exciting innovations in the last year. At the forefront of those innovations are BASF Forward AM, with their metal filament materials, XERION with their debinding and sintering technology, and Autodesk with their Fusion 360 software.

The recent launch of the UltiMaker Metal Expansion kit means that UltiMaker printers are also now capable of metal FFF printing. To find out more, check out the talk by Andrea Gasperini at the TCT Introducing Stage on Thursday between 10.20 and 10.40 AM at Hall 12 E38, or join the session on Metal FFF at the booth of BASF Forward AM on Wednesday between 4 - 5 PM.

Covestro is pushing the limits of 3D printed part strength at booth 12.1 C11

Covestro at Formnext
Watch now

UltiMaker recently partnered with Covestro and the Royal Dutch Navy to confirm that a 3D-printed part can lift a 12-ton armored vehicle. You can watch the result in the video above. Covestro will be demonstrating the technology they used to make this possible at their booth, as well as the actual link which was used to lift the truck!

VZ Industries is showing off the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Cabinet at booth 12.1 D01

For anyone at Formnext trying to figure out where they want to put their UltiMaker S5 when they get back to the office, stop by the VZ Industries booth to check out their steel cabinet solution. Including additional storage and cable management, they're the perfect ergonomic way to store and display your Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundles.

Make sure to check out all of the above and more at this year's Formnext. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and tag us if you see anything exciting you think we should know about!

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