Which Ultimaker 3D printer is right for you?

Which Ultimaker 3D printer is right for you?

Free webinar | Viewing time: 25 minutes

Choosing the right 3D printer is no longer about a single machine’s specs. Instead, you must consider the technology in the wider context of a platform solution, which takes into account hardware, software, materials, service, and training.

This month, webinar host Matt Griffin is joined by Ultimaker Quality Lead Engineer Mariska Maas to dive into the topic.

What will I learn?

During this free session, we’ll put the Ultimaker platform under the microscope, showing you how its parts come together to provide value to businesses around the world.

You’ll learn about:

  • The current Ultimaker hardware product line and their capabilities

  • How Ultimaker software enriches the 3D printing experience

  • How Ultimaker customers are leveraging entire fleets of 3D printers

  • And much more!

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Matt Griffin and Mariska Maas
Matt Griffin, left, webinar host and Ultimaker's Director of Community Development, and Mariska Maas, Ultimaker Quality Lead Engineer