Ultimaker Breakaway tool

Ultimaker Breakaway

Ultimaker Breakaway support is easy and quick to remove. It leaves behind a smoother quality finish than other support materials, with no further post-processing needed.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker Breakaway


We have formulated and tested Ultimaker Breakaway to work seamlessly together with other materials.

  • No sanding ensures high dimensional accuracy – ideal for tight-tolerance parts

  • No waiting for support material to dissolve

  • Longer shelf life and less moisture-sensitive compared to PVA

  • High-quality surface finish on your model

Ultimaker Breakaway explained
Ultimaker Breakaway tool with support

Example prints using Ultimaker Breakaway

  • Ultimaker Breakaway product engine cover

    Design freedom with more materials

    Breakaway allows you to print the overhangs and details you need, with materials not compatible with PVA. For example, it is an ideal support material for CPE or ABS.

  • Gear 3D printed with Ultimaker Breakaway support material

    Time and cost-effective

    Breakaway material is quicker to remove and more affordable than other support materials. It is also easy to store so it stays usable for longer.

  • Ultimaker Breakaway tool removed

    High-quality surface finish

    Breakaway material has been developed to give reliable adhesion to your build material, but peel away for a smooth and accurate model.

3 steps to remove Ultimaker Breakaway support

Ultimaker Breakaway 3 step removal tear


Begin by removing the majority of the inner support structure, using gripping pliers to tear away the interior area.