A transparent bottle 3D printed with TPU F98A

Lubrizol Estane® 3D TPU F98A

Estane® 3D TPU F98A is a high-clarity fast printing Shore A 98 polycaprolactone-based TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) delivering excellent mechanical properties with low warpage and shrinkage.

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Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a global TPU leading company fully committed to generate and co-create Additive Manufacturing demand and sustainable applications through Ultimaker technology and printers. We have been closely working with partners and customers to develop applications that bring a differentiated and unique benefits to our customers for prototypes and functional parts.

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    “ESTANE 3DP TPU 98A is a highly flexible elastomer offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance while achieving a high level of impact resistance. Most importantly, the material extrudes consistently and is easy to print.”

    John Hosbach, General Manager, Village Plastics

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