Igus® iglidur® I150

Igus iglidur® I150 Tribofilament is a special material developed for use as bearing material and for wear parts. Its ease of use and high abrasion resistance make it a go-to material for applications with movement and friction.

Why choose Igus®?


Igus® develops wear-resistant, high-performance polymers known as motion plastics®. Its materials help reduce costs in almost every branch of industry by lowering energy consumption in production and operation and eliminating the use of lubricants. 


Featured applications

    "Early in our development of functional filaments from performance polymers, the Ultimaker was a great tool to produce test parts and fulfill orders. The addition of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle will unlock new applications for us and our customers."

    – Niklas Eutebach, Development Engineer, Additive Manufacturing, Igus®


    Maximize performance with Ultimaker 3D printers