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I work in a 7-12 charter school in Southern California. In 2013 my school purchased our first 3D printer and with that we launched a small 3D printing class of 5 students. Since then, we've purchased a total of 9 3D printers and are beginning the process of integrating this new technology into core classes as well as offering vocational training.
Location MOORPARK, United States
Skills 3D sculpting, 3D modeling, Woodworking, 3D printing, Teaching, 3D scanning
Products Ultimaker 2, SeeMeCnC Orion Delta, Airwolf 3DxL, Pegasus Resin Printer, iBox Nano Resin Printer, Flashforge Creator Pro, MakerGear M2, Cube
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Educator's info IvyTech Charter School - Moorpark, California, United States
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