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I teach Studio Art at The Brearley School in New York City, where I am also the co-founder and current Director of "The CoLaboratory" - Brearley’s new MakerSpace program. The summer MakerCamp program I began for Brearley students will enter its third consecutive year in June 2017. I focus on the "A" in STEAM: fostering the creative use of emerging technologies.

I have presented on 3D printing and Studio Art instruction at the NYSAIS "Teaching With Technology" conferences for the last three years, most recently training teachers to integrate digital plotter/cutters - like the Silhouette Cameo - into a traditional art curriculum.

For four years I taught intensive painting and drawing courses in Colorado College's Summer Session program for undergraduates, as well as MAT courses for professional teachers who wanted to integrate the visual arts into other subject areas - "Cultivating Creativity Through Visual Literacy"
Location New York, United States
Skills 3D sculpting, 3D modeling, Woodworking, 3D printing, Painting, Programming, Casting, Teaching, 3D scanning, Traditional painting, drawing, and sculpture - and a little bit of Timber Framing too! Hiking & Rock Climbing
Products Ultimaker Original+
Products info I teach in a school which was given 2 Ultimaker Original+ machines that have been assembled and used by high school students in an after school 3D printing program. We tend to create models for printing with OpenScad and SKANECT.
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Educator's info The Brearley School - New York, New York, United States
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