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Michael’s tenure at St. Luke’s School - first as teacher, then as Department Chair, and now as designLab Director - has been one of vision and continuous development. He approaches each situation as an educator, learner and engineer thinking first of possibilities then of direct implementation. Through careful management he grew the science department - in number of faculty, size of budget, curricular offerings, extracurricular activities, and physical space - to provide a more comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to teaching and learning. Michael, recognized as Teacher of the Year in 2011, has taught physics at all levels and now teaches Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, and Robotics. Beyond the classroom he has inspired a school-wide culture of science through developing programming such as an annual Rube Goldberg competition, a summer Maker camp experience and a STEM Scholars Diploma. He also lends his creative, analytical approach far beyond the confines of his department. He has served as Co-Chair of the Learning & Technology Task Force, Faculty Advisor to the Honor Council, multi-season coach, set builder for the theatre and as an important partner with the Development Office to help facilitate the opening of a new science wing in 2014.

In his newest role, Michael serves as the inaugural director of the designLab - a cross-divisional, interdisciplinary hub for experiential learning. Through cutting edge technologies and project based learning, the designLab sets the example of a classroom experience driven by public purpose, real-world problem solving, and the practical application of skills.

Having attended the Stanford Design Thinking Bootcamp in 2014, Michael looks forward to continuing to lend his expertise and vision to enhance a student-centered classroom approach and portfolio based learning experience through the designLab, while also providing support across administrative fields in the areas of innovation and program development.
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