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I am an artisan and designer. I grew up working in a metal shop. I eventually taught myself leather crafting which I have been now practicing for over a decade. When I began attending college studying architecture at AAU San Francisco I purchased my first Ultimaker Original first gen. Since then I've been experimenting and honing my printing skills. I am still learning how to 3D model. I have experience in Rhino and Fusion 360.
I am currently a 3D Hubs student ambassador and am graduating spring 2016 with a BFA in Architectural Design.
Location walnut creek, United States
Skills 3D modeling, Smithing, Electronics, Woodworking, Milling, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Painting, Airbrushing, Casting, Soldering, Photography, leathercrafting
Products Ultimaker Original+, Ultimaker 2 Extended
Products info My UM2E is all stock but my UMO is a first gen modded with a custom made heated build plate, improved stepper drivers, upgraded extruder bolt, z-stop adjuster, acrylic sides, E3DV6 hotend, upgraded Noctua cooling fans, and improved XY blocks.
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Printing Colorfabb nGen with a .25mm nozzle

3D Print made by FoxDenDNF