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My name is Daniel Ljungstig - I am a tinkerer, maker and an entrepreneur.

After 17 years in the IT business as a technical project manager, I ventured into electronics, sensors and 3D Printing. I ordered the first Ultimaker Original kit when it was first available back in 2011 together with a friend. After spending about 1000 hours or so on 3D Printing over the first year, I decided to work with 3D Printing. I and a friend started the company 3DVerkstan with reselling filaments and after a while, Ultimaker 3D Printers. We also did workshops and training for companies and schools.
We became good friends with people from the community and the great team at Ultimaker.

Today we are the official Sales Partners in Scandinavia to Ultimaker and take pride at delivering excellent Service & Support together with our great team, including the great |Robert|. We also really like the open-source spirit and all collaborations it makes possible. In 2012, I co-founded Stockholm Makerspace, one of the biggest makerspaces in Sweden - I really like the maker movement as well.

We like knowledge and often do inspirational talks to a wide variety of audiences on 3D Printing and like to discuss its effects on society and the industry. Also, 3D Printing is a lot more than "just" desktop 3D Printers. It is indeed the next industrial revolution.
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Skills 3D printing, Programming, Soldering, Teaching, Slicing
Products Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker Original+, Ultimaker 2 Extended, Ultimaker 2 Go, Delta Tower
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