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Software developer by day, programmer / Python and Linux geek / amateur roboticist / 3D printer enthusiast by night. Also, yay science! :D
Location Canada
Skills CAD modeling, 3D modeling, Electronics, 3D printing, Programming, Soldering, Photography, Robotics, Slicing, English, French
Products Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2+, openSCAD, PLA, PLA/PHA, XT, T-Glase, Nylon, Polycarbonate, NinjaFlex, SemiFlex, Filaflex, Woodfill, Lay-Brick, Lay-Foam
Products info UM2 with Robert's feeder and spool holder, bearing filament guides, filament straightener, quieter rear head fan, spring replacement, Labern's shroud (and 2 others before that), plus small utility add-ons and tool holders. Also acrylic front cover and top dust cover. Now upgraded to UM2+, mostly stock for now.
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