Cloud power: An Ultimaker Digital Factory update

Whether you’re storing or accessing parts in the Digital Library, remotely updating printers from the printer detail page, or managing production from the printer dashboard, we believe the key to success in 3D printing is constant evolution.

Accordingly, the latest updates – many of which were rolled out in the past weeks – for Ultimaker Digital Factory focus on quality-of-life improvements that create an even more powerful cloud tool, helping you drive innovation within your organization and beyond. Read on for full details!

What’s new with the printer detail page?

The printer detail page gives you more granular control of your printers, enabling you to check printer statuses, remotely update firmware, and more. The implemented improvements here aim to provide you with better control, so you can work more effectively and efficiently.

Set preferred firmware channel. You can now set your preferred firmware channel (latest or stable) to be remotely updated and receive notifications of new updates.

Want to learn more about firmware channels? Check out our support page on the subject here.

Maintenance page. You now have access to a maintenance schedule for every connected 3D printer. This helps keep 3D printers in optimal working condition, so our you can stay productive and prevent unscheduled downtime

Firmware update guidance. You will now receive more guidance when initiating a firmware update. A banner appears when an update is scheduled, and a pop-up window informs you about next steps and release notes.

Printer detail page
The printer detail page, including maintenance schedule
Printer detail page with firmware option
Setting the firmware channel for a printer from Digital Factory

What’s new with the printer dashboard?

The printer dashboard provides you with an overview of all their printers, so you can control your production workflow from a central location. The latest updates to the printer dashboard enable you to more easily manage multiple printers, with sorting options for printers and more information on printer statuses.

Printer dashboard screen
Improvements to the printer dashboard

What’s new with the Digital Library?

The Digital Library acts as a central location in which you can store all the parts and tools your organization creates – a hub that empowers the evolution of increasingly successful 3D printing applications and encourages business-wide collaboration and iteration.

As such, multiple improvements have been implemented to give you more control and improve the overall application development process.

Digital library in Ultimaker Digital Factory
The digital library in Ultimaker Digital Factory

‘Show Gallery’. We’ve added an image gallery so you can easily see the difference between developed models in the Digital Library.

Specify two build materials. When setting requirements, you can now specify two build materials. This is useful if your application requires two materials with different properties, rather than a build and support material.

We’ve also added a dozen other small improvements. “Sticky pagination,” for one, which makes it easier to browse your part catalogue if you have multiple pages of applications, with a list view making life simple for mobile users.

Additionally, you can now sort Digital Library projects in alphabetical order or by addition date, for a more convenient overview.

Digital library information
Information on a part in the digital library

Other new improvements include:

  • Water and oil / grease added as separate categories for “liquid exposure”

  • If required, tag names can now be longer

  • Another project status has been added: “Production”

  • The Ultimaker Cura version is detailed in the print ready files in Digital Library

  • Print core icons have been updated

Additional new features

We have implemented other small tweaks and features throughout Digital Factory that make navigation more intuitive and provide guidance on key steps in your 3D printing workflow. New updates include a new 404 error page message, “Go back” buttons, links to support articles, and a convenient “Share printers” option.

You can also now check the operational status of Digital Factory and other Ultimaker services in real-time via our new service status page.

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