Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

Tom Gray

CEO and co-creator, Make48 – USA


Tom Gray is CEO and cofounder of Make48, a US-based organization that organizes 48-hour-long competitions that see inventors and designers create a prototype based on a given challenge. These competitions make use of a variety of tools, materials, and work spaces – among them 3D printers.

“Our mission is to show that with the right tools and team around you, anyone regardless of age, background or experience, can invent and create,” Tom says.  “I’m a strong believer in the notion that if you provide the right resources to prototype anyone’s ideas, regardless of the complexity, it can be done.”


Using 3D printing to create real-looking and often functioning prototypes on-site at competitions is an invaluable asset, according to Tom. Some prototypes need to be modified up to 10 times – being able to do so quickly and efficiently is a game-changer.

I see desktop 3D printers in homes, like computers or hand tools. Housing trends will grow and be better across the world, and different applications and materials will arise.

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