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Jabil PA 4535 CF 3D printed part

Jabil PA 4535 CF

PA 4535 CF is a PA Copolymer with 35% CF that provides greater stiffness, strength and toughness over similar products. With 40% improvement strength and some ductility, it is also ESD safe.

Why choose Jabil?


Jabil significantly extends the applications for additive manufacturing by delivering innovative materials with enhanced properties – increased strength, flame retardancy, conductivity, and lubrication – allowing manufacturers to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Featured applications

  • Carbon blaster part

    Functional prototypes

    Used as a mount in an engine bay of a car to help with carbon blasting the intake valves. Typical materials handling adapters and connectors.

  • Chute part


    Air handling duct for management of air flow on 3D Printer or any air management application.

  • Turbine part

    End-use parts

    Typical air handling turbine for the movement of air in vacuum systems.

“Jabil has spent many years utilizing Ultimaker’s printers for our additive manufacturing projects; it was evident that reaching out to Ultimaker with the release of Jabil Engineered Materials would prove to be a great opportunity to collaborate.”

Matt Torosian, Director of Product Management, Jabil