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Jabil PETg 0800 ESD 3D printed part

Jabil PETg 0800 ESD

PETg 0800 ESD filaments are easy processing and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) with a good balance of properties in XY and XYZ directions. This filament provides excellent toughness and durability.

Why choose Jabil?


Jabil significantly extends the applications for additive manufacturing by delivering innovative materials with enhanced properties – increased strength, flame retardancy, conductivity, and lubrication – allowing manufacturers to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Featured applications

  • Magnet tool part

    Jigs and fixtures

    Magnet tool for drawing small metal spikes into the holes shown on an acrylic stand.

  • Shaker table guard part

    Quality assurance

    Guard designed to be installed after the parameters have been set, eliminating the chances of the device being used in the wrong settings.

  • Tube holder part


    Hand tool prototype that is used to insert empty vials into a robot. This prototype was made into a functioning hand tool.

“Jabil Engineered Materials and Ultimaker have teamed up to revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry. Jabil’s custom engineered materials combined with Ultimaker’s robust machine offerings are evolving 3D printing capabilities.”

Matt Torosian, Director of Product Management, Jabil